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Remain & ACFOC (Armenian Christian Fellowship of Orange County

  1. Community and care. We think it would be wise to connect with and work under a local church and serve from a setting of encouragement and prayerful support.  We want to work with and for the church, not away from the church.  We still think Jesus is doing the great work of the Kingdom in and through the church.

  2. Partnership. While this is a ministry under the care of ACFOC, this is also a mission of the church.  And so remain will be serving in partnership with ACFOC but then branch out to other churches as well -  to reach those in the church, those not part of the church and those who had left the church (or the churched, the unchurched, the dechurched)

  3. Oversight and accountability. We will be relying on the church pastors and elders for oversight as well as personal and financial accountability. We will serving under the non-profit status of the church and will raising support with donations being given through the church. 

Once you open the link below, please find and select "Remain" when you scroll down the "Giving Type" menu 
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