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To encourage with compassionate hearts and robust Biblical truth

so that people can prepare for and process hard seasons

to  become a people who remain in Christ with resilience

Hard Seasons

This can mean a lot of things, but here are several 

we are particularly burdened about. 

We want to come alongside and support,

in the midst of hard seasons but also way before they come. 

  • physical - chronic  illness

  • spiritual - doubts and questions about the Christian faith, hurtful experiences, ministry burn out

  • marital - challenges during the engagement and early seasons of marriage 

  • emotional - anxiety, fear, and depression 


Not quitting nor settling for fear. Not stoic resistance nor passively ignoring all this. 

This is a genuine daily endurance totally empowered by Jesus. 


When something breaks, we usually throw it away. However, the ancient Japanese philosophy of kintsugi practices the art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold bonding. This 400-year-old technique also known as the 'golden repair,' involves combining lacquer with gold, silver or platinum to form new bonds.

Kintsugi embraces authenticity and imperfections, highlights rather than hides the scars and celebrates these imperfections as part of the object’s history, rather than the end story. In the practice of kintsugi, you can create a stronger, more beautiful piece of art.

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